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University of Ostrava


+420 597 091 008
Dvořákova 7, 701 03 Ostrava, Czech Republic

The University of Ostrava can be considered a liberal arts institution. We education teachers, scientists, doctors, historians, philosophers, artists and musicians. We are strong in the traditional sciences, geography, linguistics and fine arts. 

Our campus is the city of Ostrava; housed within recently renovated historical buildings or newly built structures our faculties, library and administrative buildings are spread throughout the city. Excellent public transportation or bike rental means you will be commuting with Czech office workers, school kids and others going about their daily routine. In-between your student commute are many cafes and restaurants in which to contemplate the arts and sciences. 
Our university dormitory offers a traditional Czech ‘student experience’ - modern central European amenities await the adventurous soul. Furthermore, our dorms are full of international students from Erasmus.

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