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University of Bialystok


+48 745-70-80
20 B, Swierkowa Street, 15-328 Bialystok, Poland

The University of Bialystok is the largest university in Northeast Poland, both in terms of the number of employees and students, as well as offered majors and methods of education. The staff has prominent scientific achievements, chairs opinion-forming circles of scientists, develops scientific cooperation with the largest centres in the world as well as conducts international research and projects.

The University offers educational programmes within exact, natural, human and social sciences. UwB has a wide range of B.A. and M.A. degree specialisations, as well as uniform Master’s studies, which are frequently of interdisciplinary character. Students can continue their education at doctoral studies or raise their qualifications within post-graduate programmes. UwB as well offers courses addressed at foreign students, conducting classes and lectures in the English and Russian language.

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